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The Pretty Cool White Resin Frame Of Sunglasses For UK Men With Best Sales

February 21, 2017

This sunglasses is our new product.Some customers want us to produce a simple sunglasses for UK men.This is a simple frame.However it is is still very nice and fashion.I do think all of you would like this style of sunglasses.

sunglasses for men1

The frame of this sunglasses is made of resin and this material is cheap but very stable and strong.The resin is a kind of normal material which is always used to produce the frame of sunglasses with best sales.This frame has two colors.One is black and the other one is white.We hope you like this.

sunglasses for men2

This sunglasses is very suitable for UK men.Because this sunglasses is very light.You can go to play every sports game you like while you wearing this sunglasses.This cheap sunglasses has polarized lens as well and it can protect your eyes under the sun.

The Different Kinds Of Lens Of Replica Sunglasses For UK Women With Best Sales

October 13, 2016

Today I will share three different lenses of replica sunglasses UK with our customers.The first one is anti reflective protective lenses: this lens is coated with a thin layer of magnesium fluoride, to prevent light reflection, let you see things more clearly and is not affected by the light interference. To test your sunglasses is really the use of anti reflective lenses, the glasses can be aligned with the light source, if you see a purple or green reflection, it means that the lens is coated with anti reflective protective film.

The second one is called the color lenses.It is also known as “stained lenses”, is in the process of making the lens of copy sunglasses with best sales, plus some chemicals so that the lens color can absorb the light of a specific wavelength. This is the most common type of lens used in sunglasses.

The last one is the color lenses.This lens of cheap copy sunglasses showing the effect with the same color lenses, only made in different ways, it is the color painted on the surface of the lens, the most well-known is the “cascading color lens”, color is above the deepest, then gradually shallow down. The general prescription sunglasses are processing lenses to paint the way.

The Titanium Frame Of Summer Series Of Replica Sunglasses For UK Women With Best Sales

September 23, 2016

The replica sunglasses UK is the necessary for UK women to wear in the summer.The sunglasses can not only defend the hurt of ultraviolet from sun but it would be a beautiful decoration for beautiful women.Here I would like to introduce you a perfect sunglasses.


This copy sunglasses with best sales is designed by our company.We focus on its function of the traditional sunglasses.The frame is made of titanium and you should know that titanium is the special material to produce the frame of the sunglasses.


The lens of this sunglasses is polarized and polarized cheap copy sunglasses is getting more and more popular because it can help to protect your face.You should know that ultraviolet will hurt your eyes and face.This polarized sunglasses is really very good for you in the summer.

The Blue Polarized Lens Of Replica Sunglasses For UK Women With Best Sales

September 12, 2016

Sunglasses can protect your eyes from the glare of the light that is not comfortable. All this is due to the metal powder filter, which can be “selected” when the light comes in “. Can selectively absorb part of tainted replica sunglasses UK band composed of sun light, because it is a very fine powder with metal (iron, copper, nickel, etc.).


In fact, when the light shines on the lens, the so-called “interference” process based on light has been reduced of copy sunglasses with best sales. That is to say, when some wavelengths of light (here refers to the ultraviolet A, ultraviolet B, and sometimes infrared) through the lens, the inside of the lens that is toward the direction of the eye.


They will offset each other. Overlapping is not an accidental phenomenon: a form of light wave with the wave trough close together, leading to offset each other. The refractive index of the lens depends on the interference phenomenon (deviation degree that light from the air through different substances), also depends on the thickness of the lens of cheap copy sunglasses. Generally speaking, lens thickness change is not big, and lens refractive index is different according to the difference of chemical composition.